Anemone loop with conditions based on measured sizes

Hello everyone,

I have to following grasshopper script. What I am trying to do is to create a loop where within the loop the data is based on certain conditions. So when the loop starts the geometry will be measured. When the output of the python script at the end of the loop == “big” it needs to add a point at the beginning of the loop. When the output == “small” the next loop should remove a point. When the loop ends with the output “good” the loop is stopped. Im not sure what is going wrong, the loop runs without error messages but it just doesn’t add/remove points. I tried to simplify the script as much as possible, hope it is clear. Thanks in advance!

Update: it always seems to remove points no matter the conditions and Im not sure why this is. (31.9 KB)

I remember it is not possible to put Kangaroo solver inside an Anemone loop. Maybe my recollection is not accurate.

Thanks for your reply! If this is it I could possibly try a different method. I found a post where kangaroo solver is used within a loop (Kangaroo inside Anemone loop to change geometry during simulation - Grasshopper), not sure though what exactly the difference is.

Small update. So I tried to only use the kangaroo part of the script in a loop. This part runs, so the combination of kangaroo and anemone is not the problem it seems. (19.7 KB)