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I’m looking at building a computer to do 3-D modeling at home for work as well as a little gaming and school. Any recommendations, cpu, minimum ram, graphics cards, ssd or hdd?



Hi, seth2

For rhino specifically, you don’t need a lot of anything. Any basic laptop/pc (i5/8gbram/ssd) would do just fine. But of course for rendering/gaming go with the max specs. Especially with rendering having a very good cpu(for keyshot) would do wonders with render time.

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There is a link to System Requirements, with detailed sub-pages for both Mac and Windows Rhino on the Support page on the Rhino Web site.


I’m aware, just wondering if people out there have recommendations above min specs.

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If you read it, you’ll see they aren’t “minimum specifications.”

The biggest issue people run into is choosing a graphics adapter that doesn’t support OpenGL very well.
The ubiquitous embedded Intel and AMD Radeon adapters are generally pretty poor, but they will work some better for V6 when it is released.


Thanks! apologies.

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No worries. Most of us are conditioned to expecting minimum specifications. As you know, we do things a little differently…