Basics of hardware for general 3D

Hi guys,

I don’t know much about what’s inside my computer box …

So getting into what I do and dont know …

CPU speed & ‘Multithreading’ ‘Hyper threading’ - I’m pretty confident you want as many physical cores and virtual cores as you can get. Is that about all I need to know?

SSD vs HDD - Not really sure if there is any real advantage to rendering with an SSD but for save speeds alone its a no brainer.

RAM - I assume 16 GB is fine?

I don’t really know anything about Graphics cards other than CUDA is onboard some newer NVIDIA cards & AMD is the other common brand. I assume from what I’ve read that a CUDA capable card is important but I don’t really understand why or to what degree

Motherboard … I assume this is just a board that supports the other hardware choices correct?

Any help would be greatly appreciated even if its just pointing me in the direction of some other reference material.

Peace all.

Depends on what you are doing, whether modelling or rendering.

General modelling, I have found 4-8 cores with higher speeds is enough for me. If you are doing render, then go for more cores. Rhino does have a 64 core limit, however that amount of cores doesn’t give as high clock speeds and could impede general action.
Up to you on HD, SSD if you want speed.
Depends on the size of the model, 16gb is a minimum recommended, work machines run 64 gb.
I think the advice for graphics is 5gb vram minimum if you want to run a single 4k displays.
motherboard is to support the features along with any other features you might want to upgrade to later.

With power supply, give it an extra 30-50% more wiggle room than what you will run. Also ensure adequate cooling for your cpu and graphics. thermal throttling is a big drawback in some use cases.
Maybe categorise this as hardware topic for more notice.