Hardware Recommendations - Windows

Since we can’t test every possible hardware combination, this is the place to get hardware recommendations from other users.

You can find the minimum system requirements here.

Hello all,

I am new to Rhino 3D.

I have a Imac 2010, with OS high Sierra - just upgraded.
I am enrolled in Rhino1 at the newschool just started Saturday, the instructor stated that he teaches Rhino 5 for windows and that I should return the Rhino for Mac version as the keys are different and since I am new it would be very confusing to me.

I have written to the instructor as well and am waiting to hear back from him, about whether I should get Rhino 5 or 6, since 6 is out now. The problem is that I found the first class very difficult, because it is so different than a Mac computer.

My questions are:
-Do I need to get the windows version or should I stick with the Mac version?, or both?
-If I do get the windows version should I get the 6 or 5?,
-What else would I need if I were to get the windows version for my Mac?, one of my co workers recommended - fusion for Mac.
-Is there anything else I should get or know.

Many Thanks,

The topic is pinned but the link inside the topic refer to the new Rhino5 … to update to Rhino6 !

The link in this pinned topic is broken

Fixed, thanks for alerting us.