A 2d line-drawn perspective view inserted into model space

I recall that there’s away to get a Rhino-generated perspective line drawing from a perspective detail view or viewport into Rhino model space as a flat plane of 2d vector linework. I can’t recall how and it’s a difficult thing to search with so many unspecific terms. Any suggestions?

Hello - ChangeSpace may be what you are looking for.


I thought this was a case for Make2D

Whichever turns a perspective view into a line drawing in 2d. I’ll be trying it in the morning. Both seem to have promise.

Hi David -

It’s Make2D that you are looking for.

Hi! ChangeSpace - interesting command!
Did a quick test: it does not project 3d objects onto 2d, just moves them over to the other ‘space’. (after all it’s perfectly possible to keep breps, not only curves, in Layout space).
However, I checked what happens to a rotated box, and after ChangeSpace it was rotated back to match the xy plane of the Layout.
after ChangeSpace:

Bit strange…

Hi Eugen -

I’m not seeing that here.

The command will project all objects to the detail view’s screen CPlane and flatten it according to that view. The 3 objects that are selected at the top left were created from the perspective detail - the 3 objects at the bottom left from the detail immediately next to it. Flattening 3D objects will create bad objects when curves are collapsed into points or surfaces into lines…

Hello! Yes, the object that was rotated was an extrusion, not a brep. After a ConvertExtrusion, it worked as you show.
Could be a bug.

It is indeed Make2D that works best. I can’t get hidden line removal with ChangeSpace.