Compound Curving Components

I am guessing that Va walls, windows, and doors can’t take compound curving geometries. For example: walls with the shape of an aerodynamic vehicle’s hull, and windows and doors snapping into place as a porthole or hatch*. If it’s possible though, it’d be great to know where to look for tips on setting it up.

Facility with these geometries is of course Rhino’s huge strength, so this might be a worthy long-term goal…

*hatch as in a hinged panel for egress (not a graphic fill) of course.

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@djhg You can create walls with the shape of a hull (creating them as solids in Rhino, and turning them into VisualARQ walls with the vaWallFromSolid command). But doors and windows can only be created as flat and vertical panels. It would be awesome they bent and fit into curved surfaces, but until this wish/feature doesn’t come true you can do it with Rhino surfaces and polysurfaces, that later on you can tag as doors or windows.

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