Openings from curves on curving walls

I need to put a porthole type opening in a vaWall which curves (in top view only, the wall plane is vertical.)

Hi @djhg Openings in VisualARQ are planar and do not “bend” along curved wall paths, if this is what you expect.
That being said, you can create new opening styles (doors, openings or windows), and assign a specific profile to them, which can be custom, if you previously have created a custom profile ( with the vaProfileFromCurves command).
You can also create the openings from curves directly in the model, selecting “From Curves” option in the command line, as you can see in this video:

Thanks. It appears to me from some examples on your site that opening can be automated into complex curving walls, with Va creating the jamb extensions as required to meet the planar opening. I’m looking into how to do that, because in such a case the curves aren’t planar if they are on the wall, and if they are planar they aren’t on the wall.