Component ID conflict

Hi I get the same two error windows every time I open grasshopper.
Screenshots below.

For the life of me I cannot find any alternate installs.
Can someone explain how this actually works?
Because File > Special Folders > Components takes me here:

to a different place than for example, the path in the below screenshot.
That path is a search of the whole system for the human.gha, which does not return the human.gha located in the special folders path.

which one do I delete? just delete both and reinstall?
I remember that was how I got into this trouble of having a working human install.

bumping to see if anyone can help me.
if its an obvious answer I am fine being told i’m doing it wrong

probably remove the 6.0 version as that one is older date wise.
The conflict might be popping up if you have both rhino 6 and 7.

The first one would have been installed manually by copying the gha file to the Libraries folder. This is the default location from which Grasshopper plug-ins are loaded. The second was installed by the package manager, most likely when a file was opened that contained components from Human – if Human wasn’t installed at the time then Grasshopper would have given you the option to “Download and Install” it.

You can remove either, but my preference would be to remove the one in the Libraries folder. Whilst the dates are different, the version numbers are the same.

Bonjour, idem pour moi, ayant les V5 pour VCR, V6,V7 installées sur mon poste Win 10 Pro.

deleted the one in the easily accessible components folder and that solved it.
File > Special Folders > Components
got similar but different problems with another couple components but got them fixed too.
thanks everyone!