Grasshopper components locations and conflicting components

So a few times when updating our Grasshopper components/plugins folder to have the same across all machines, I sometimes get a component ID conflict plugin warning like this:

So the first thing you notice very quickly here is that the file path only shows the last few levels and ommits the most important part. It is also not linked so you are forced to search for the location of those files.

That clipper plugin, which exists as a Rhino plugin and a grasshopper plugin is especially annoying. When you install the Rhino plugin it also adds a .gha file for the ClipperComponents. But it doesn’t put it in the normal components folder but actually in C:\Program Files\Common Files\McNeel… and not even in C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plugins… So that’s already a location I didnt even know exists.

So now back to the ID conflict warning. I am not even sure what Replace All and Skip All is supposed to do, because both basically do nothing as far as I can tell. On next startup you still get the same warning. It even says “You will not be asked again for this component library”. Sure enough on next startup you are presented again with the same warning regardless of what button you pressed.

So what are Replace All and Skip All SUPPOSED to do? There is no explanation given of what they will do and the names are not explanatory either.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the paths would be linked (how they are for Rhino plugins when you go to details) so you can go to either components file location.

The other question is of course why are there so many different possible locations in the first place? There is the Grasshopper components folder, Rhino Plugins that have GH components, Rhino Common Plugins that have GH components and the YAK package manager. All of those locations are hidden like 10 levels deep in obscure locations. Adding to that they are all locations which are not indexed by windows so you can’t even search for them (at least nothing came up when I searched for either of the Clipper .gha files).

Lets not even get started on food4rhino…

All in all it is always a pretty frustrating experience when it comes to GH plugins.


I’m having the same issue:

The first path appears to be the standard C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries. I’d prefer to delete the Conflicting Component from that other directory, but can’t figure out where it is located.

Any tips on how to find it? @sebastian.misiurek I believe you created the plugin - hoping maybe you can help me.

Have you maybe installed Wombat again using the Yak package manager?

@seltzdesign for the current component (05/11/2021) I downloaded it from food4rhino and placed the gha in the Grasshopper libraries folder.

The one from 07/16/2019…pretty sure I would have used the same method but for a different Rhino version (5 or 6).

Hi -

If a Windows search can’t find it, you could try searching with Everything.

@max.marschall1 That looks like where Yak installs: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\packages\VERSION\

I’d actually recommend getting rid of the one in your GH libraries folder and leave the yak one. You can manage your plugins that way using the PlugInManager command in rhino. You might need to upgrade the version you have with the manager to bring it up to date to the version you want.

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@andheum sure enough, there it is, along with HumanUI :slight_smile:
I guess you’re right - so far I’ve been too lazy to figure out Yak but probably better moving forward.