Complicated fish scales surface

hi! does anyone know how to build those surfaces in the photos(fish scales)? All I can think of is using “flow along surface” to project lines on surfaces and then extrude them, but I guess the overall shape won’t be as curvy as in the photos…thanks very much!

also, I find it difficult to project the desired patterns(waves) on surfaces accurately since it is not a simple cylinder…

Are you trying to do something like those photos on a totally different shape, or something like the photos overall? The thing on the left looks like a graphic not 3D, and on the right it looks like it’s just a number of overlapping levels of a wavy shape, they are not individual ‘scales.’ Think about it: those cheesy little containers were probably NOT tooled up using anything as capable as Rhino, at least not a legal current version.

If you want to do something more complex, FlowAlongSrf is the way to go, but it’s still a fairly involved process.


displacement is a path you should explore-

You can then quadremesh and convert to subd, then back to nurbs, or simply work with the mesh.

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