Add smooth details to surface

Hello all,

I would like to add smooth fish scales to a surface.
What would be the best way of doing that (running Tsplines demo right now, will that be a good way)?
I played with some curves projected onto the surface, extruded etcetera, but I am going in circles.

Many thanks, Robert

You could do it in T-Splines if you subdivided the surface enough to be able to move the points. I don’t have the time to have a go at this for you but have a look at: for a Rhino option.


Thanks Andy,

Yes, I was experimenting along those lines not knowing how to have one integrated surface.
Now I’m thinking to use the method in that video you suggested, then export the result into 3Dcoat in order to merge and smooth both details and main body and then go back to Rhino and convert to Tsplines, I guess that will give me what I want.
Having trouble now with 3Dcoat freezing up my workstation but will try that workflow soon I hope.

Many thanks for your suggestion.

Regards, Robert

I saw this today while looking for something totally unrelated, but though it might help:


Hi Robert - probably I’d make one of these objects flat, in the CPLane, array them on a planar surface, then FlowAlongSrf to get them up onto the curved surface.


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What about a texture map and then using displacement? It might be the quickest way.

Displacement geometry affects the render mesh, so you do have to extract that mesh if you’re going to prototype and need the physical surface relief in the STL.

Oh how great, thank you for that.
I peeked at it a while ago but did not make a connection with what I want to do now.
Something new to study :wink:

Kind regards, Robert