What is the solution for surface modeling?

Do you have any solutions to rebuild this surface? The surface eats from the bottom up to the ceiling. I tried using Subd but it didn’t work because it has a wave effect.

Do you know how this was manufactured? I’m asking this because it looks very sculptural and made by hand and as such I’d recommend trying to remake it using something like Z-brush instead that will allow you to actually sculpt these ridges instead of trying to analyze them into existence using NURBS.

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looks like a whole heap of sweep 2, or a really crazy loft.

It feels very grasshopper, but bigger brains than mine will have to chime in to help with that

If I wanted to make something similar to it I would probably use Grasshopper and play around with attractors for a while, it just feels like a vector field. However, exactly replicating it is a completely different issue.

Lots of tween curves projected on certain surfaces (loose projection to avoid extra complexity ?) then sweep rails. Just brainstorming here

The surface is made by 3D printing a model, then creating a mold and recasting it using a no-fines concrete material.

I think it is only optimal to use Grasshopper. But I haven’t found a solution yet

We don’t need to copy it exactly. We are looking for a way to model it.

it’s like a wave

This is a pufferfish style construct:

Or more to pick from: Pufferfish | Parametric House

The underneath surface that controls it probably is SUBD. Although many of these structures were done before SUbD.

Here is another video that might help:

Or this playlist:

There is a lot more. Might this help?

I would draw the center object with curves, then keep offsetting them over and over again then, trim what you dont want, then pipe the whole mess as either "multipipe’ or regular… find which works best.
At this point, i might tweet a surface between all the objects to act as a cutting plane and trim all the surfaces on the side you don’t want.

If you create a pipe , the tube will be uniform, while the wave surface has large and small areas randomly but orderly.

Can you try creating with the same surface topology?

If you use multipipe, you can go through and squish and squeeze random edgeloops

SubD with quad points is the key.

Here is a similar shape with Rhino and Grasshopper. The Morpheus Hotel: From Design to Production [McNeel Wiki]

The initial key is to determine the quad patches it takes to create the overall shape. I would start with these tutorials to determine how to lay out the patches and the process: Rhino - Learn to use Rhino

Then come back and slice it to get the ribbing. That is the pufferfish process.

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I was messing around a bit, I didn’t bother shaping the pipes and left them uniform, but you could go through each on and adjust where you need to push and pull to get it right, using subd points.
Surface exploring

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