How to make a complex surface


I am trying to model this artificial topography building (Image1), there I based my workflow on the patch command but I had to spend a lot of time fixing it later manually (control points). So now I am making some changes and thought that using the loft command will be better. I have drawn about 15 section lines for the surface in the most crucial places (where I want it to bend - Image 2). The problem is that when I loft these different sections all together it does not give me the effect I want (surface bends in wired ways - Image 3). When I loft separate sections the result doesn’t fit the sections I have drawn (Image 4).

Does anyone know if there is any better way to model this surface, or is there a way to make it work as it is? Maybe I should go back to the ‘patch’ method?

Hello - it is difficult to be of much use without a file - please export the parts you are asking about, including the inputs to any surfaces, to a new file and post it here, or if confidential, to, with a link back here in your comments.


There it is! Thanks in advance.
Artifical Topo.3dm (1.5 MB)

Hello - do you have an image of what you are shooting for? The curves do not really work together, from what I can see, to define anything very predictable.


Somthing similar to the outlined surface. I have made it using the patch comand but it was v diffucult to work with so I was trying to make it using the loft comand but it did not work as I predicted. How would you approach this?

I think it will take some fiddling but if you want surfaces then I might start with something like this:

Note Patch can use History, so if you give it some points as input for the bumps and dips, you can move these around to adjust.


Hi @mijalskid17

Photo Perspective Match

Of course, I did it fast. I was less careful, you can do it more accurately
This work was done using the Dolly Zoom-Keeping commands
Untitled.3dm (2.8 MB)

Thanks, guys I will experiment with both methods. Also by rebuilding my original curves, I managed to get the loft to work much better and now instead of open polysurfaces I get a single surface which is something to work with, still need to get the bumps and downs but I think its just the matter of experimentation.
Thanks again!

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If you are not familiar with how to adapt images, you can watch these tutorials

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A SubD plane would be another way to create smooth topography. Create a plane bigger than your perimeter, push, pull and finally trim the SubD with your outline.

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Yep, that would be a good way.