Surface From Points

hi,i have subtracted bunch of points out of a cloud,now i need to make these points into a surface with surface from points,but one of the parameter it needs is “U Count”,
Then i counted the extracted points with “List Length” then connected the number to the “U Count” but it doesn’t support

is there any solution? (10.9 KB)

i would thanks in advance.

Hey Mixepilm,

Not entirely sure what you’re after, plus the definition you’ve shared has nothing internalized.

Anyway, here are a couple of arbitrary optionssurface from points.ghx (399.7 KB)

Something else that may be of help is to start with previously ‘gridded’ points to then deform a surface with culled points inside a shape and trim the original surface.

Another options is making a point volume (shown here: and turning the resulting mesh into a polysurface.

Or deforming points from a surface, like in this example: Edit coordinates of surface control points in Grasshopper using a boundary constrain.

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thanks @corellaman for your response.
appreciate it, those links worked for me :fu: