Complex Network Surface Issue

Trying to NetworkSrf those curves. They perfectly meet in the center and tolerance was put much higher to avoid any misalignment. Still it only works with border curves and sometimes one curve inside.

Do you know any other way to create nurbs surfaces with such specific positions and directions than NetworkSrf? Anything lower level?

Hello - without the curves it is impossible to help but if those curves all cross in the middle I can see how that might not work. But… why? What are you after, here? Does it need to be a single surface?


Thanks for the reply. 3dm with Curves attached, script as well if you’d like to take a look.

I tested basic example of ‘flipped’ NetworkSrf and it worked. This obviously is a whole new level, but I am wondering if there is a ‘lower level’ way to define nurbs surfaces.


curves.3dm (159.0 KB) (437.1 KB)

Your curves are over 4 million units from the world origin. Try moving the curves closer to the world origin.

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That didn’t work. Still “Unable to create surface from network of curves”

it works barely ok close to the origin and using 3 curves in one direction and 2 in the other:

I don’t get the point of surfaces like this.

The reason is making cuts in surfaces. Cuts not along direction of isocurves become many times heavier and impossible to work with in other programs like revit.

Any reason not to split the curves at the point where the curves intersect, and then make two surfaces?

The second surface will allow to support creating continuous diagrid on the first one.

Alternative approach to obtain the desired curves without creating a surface. For each line:

Create a plane that you want the intersecting lines to lie in.

Intersect that plane with the curves to obtain a set of points.

Interperlate a curve through the points.