Complex Data Managing Challenge on Simple Data Structure

Hi guys,

I have been posting a lot lately, it seems I have stumbled across some data management challenges that I have never faced before… plus some last minute changes…

The operation I need to run is rather simple, but things get complex on the data I need to run it.

Basically I am trying to generate a connection from closed curves to another. This version just draws a line from mid point (blue) and joins the nearest with Proximity (white)

The structure, you could say, is 2 trees: First one with 3 rings, second one with 4 rings.

Things get complex when I have multiple rings in 3D.
I believe the structure I need is the same as with the simplified example: Have each contour level be a tree, which is then divided in rings.

But I cant seem to achieve this structure once I run contour… (71.5 KB)

Any help is much appreciated

Hi again @ShynnSup, I fixed it to work with all branches, then I don’t know if this is what you want to achieve next, (quite easier with Path Mapper) (70.2 KB)

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Thank you Erick! That was incredibly simple.