Wondering if there is more Sub-D related tutorials out there? that is more advanced?

I have basic knowledge of Sub-D modeling… and just wondering if there is a bit more advanced tutorials out there that can get me familiar with the Sub-D tools in rhino? the one I have found so far are pretty basic ones. and I was wondering if there is anything like modelling a helicopter or a car that would require a bit more advanced tools or tips?

Thank you!

search for polygon modeling tutorials. is quite similar in general. the tools may vary a little but the important thing is to have a clean and uniform “cage”. if it looks good in cage mode, it will look good in smooth mode. the other way aroud is not always true. you may have a decent smooth model but the cage is screwed, making it hard to edit.
things like uniform topology, avoid N-gons, avoid 2 star points together, etc. apply to both geometries. sub-d and polygon.

The Rhino SubD tutorial page also includes a motorcycle and a robot fish. Have you already seen that one?

Thanks Andrew, as great as those tutorials are, I was hoping to find something with a bit more “lecture” type… so each tools when used could be explained a bit so i get a better understanding of the tool… but this is also nice to see the work flow and everything.

Thank you! I was looking to get myself more familiar with the tools and to see what they can be used in different situation to resolve various issues that might occur during the modelling process…