Commands > Customize - visible Standard Menu not updating

I have just downloaded Rhino for Mac for the first time in years and am trying to replicate my toolbars from Rhino. When I go to Rhinoceros > Commands > Customize I am able to modify the Main and Popup Toolbars, but the Standard toolbar shows the default regardless of the changes I make or how it shows up in the Customize Tool Palettes view. Is there a reason it isn’t changing in App or is this a bug?

I have tried saving, closing, restarting the app etc. with no luck

as long as I’m here waiting for a reply, I am also curious why the pop-up menu is in the form of a list and not a toolbar/palette - kind of defeats the purpose of a popup menu if I still have to move my mouse most of the way up or down the screen (or click the arrow to show the rest if I’m near the bottom of the screen)