Command Wish - SetPtPolar

I am a big fan of the hidden power of _setPt Command.
it would be really great to have a Setpt-Variant / Option to use Polar-Coordinates.
the command should have options similar to setPt

set Radius
set height
set Angle

Global or Cplane

AND additional it should ask for center and target point…

regarding the logic - i think it would be a very simple command, but it would allow a great and simple Controlpoint alingment to planes or Circles and other nice workflows…

and it would be really cool to edit SubDs…

kind regards -tom

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in the interest of clarity, can you show some example of what you are proposing here? I like the suggestion, and want to make sure I get it captured and written up correctly.

great - thanks for having a look at this…

above a simple example of some CV s, that should get aligned.
in this case Sub-D, but it could be some CV-clean up of a sweep / edgeSrf or whatever.

the command would do exactly the same / corresponding to Setpt:
(pre)select some (control or edit) points
dialog with
a checkbox for radius, angle, height.
a choice between cplane or world

the follow up dialog will ask for center and point / radius.

radius checkt → distance gets the same (*1) - the most helpful new feature
angle checkt → points will line up (*2) - currently a workarround is possible with cplane and setpt, but this will be much more fluent.
height checkt → points will also get the same height. (*3) - redundant to setPt Z

and maybe each of those choices could get an option “distribute / equal spacing”.

and also i have to admit my motivation is a bit intellectual … if their is polar-coordinate input, their should be setPtPolar…And i am sure it is quite a simple / basic tool, … and as Moving CV s gets more fashion (again) with Sub-D, maybe it s worth looking at some other good old friends like MoveUVN…

kind regards, -tom

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Would the origin and orientation for radius, angle and height be relative to the active viewport’s Cplane, the same as entering polar coordinates?

if the users selects the origin / typing 0 instead of picking a center-point → YES.

it would be great to select the center-point as radial alignment is not always around 0,0,0

Although different from what you are asking for, there is a gumball trick for doing this.

1.relocate the gumball to any of the points you want to align to- (I have a hot key set up for the GumballRelocate command, it’s super useful, and set your gumball to snappy dragging so it respects osnaps)
2.ctrl+rotate the gumball to match your desired alignment (make sure to hold ctrl first, then rotate gumball)
3. click a scale handle and scale to zero

check this quick video I put together.

yeah wow … thanks.
(is it possible that the audio is only on the right channel, but not set to mono ? - or maybe my headphone / audio setting sucks… by the way, wich software do you use for screen recording - for mac i can really recommend screenflick)

did not know that scale to 0 is allowed for gumball…
it is a pity that Scale-Factor 0 is not allowed to be 0 or negative for _scale1d and Scale2d.
But setpt can handle it.

my workarround is a “little” macro: preselect the objects… klick twice:

-_cplane _3Point _pause _pause _enter -_setpt _XSet=_No _YSet=_Yes _ZSet=_No _Alignment=_Cplane _copy=_No 0 _enter -_cplane _undo

but nice to talk about thinks like this… it would be cool to have a “last center” option in the setPtPolar command.
(similar to “last axis” in some rotate commands…)

many thanks, have a nice weekend, -kind regards -tom

I usually post process/ edit these and convert from mono to stereo (my dac encodes in mono) , but I just cranked this one out quick- I use Debut for windows, or quicktime on the mac, and premier pro for editing.

@Tom_ for subd circles, you might want to check out the script I posted here

see also here