Align control points


Is it possible to use the align command with control points for curves?


Hi, there is SetPt for that (Transform > Set XYZ Coordinates). Unless you want Align to work with points too.

Hi Keith - I use a script for this - pretty ancient but it may do something useful.

Unzip, save then drag and drop the rvb file onto Rhino - there will be two new aliases

AlighGrips - lines grips up to a line defined by two points (user input)
AlighnGripsCrv - sucks selected grips onto a curve.

Both work either by closest points or in a user defined direction. (1.4 KB)


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This tool is wonderful, the only thing missing is “project” align, where it would align only in 1 axis.

We do have setpt but that only works vertically and horizontally.

Is it possible? (prettyplease)

Hi Vladimir - so the alignment would be to a plane?


yes, but is it possible to do it ortho view specific so I dont have to draw or “3 point” the plane?

So if I am in side view for example picking 2 points should do it.

Hi Vladimir - OK - that should certainly be possible… I have a different tool that works along these lines but it’s a little messy right now, I’ll see about cleaning it up as well.


Awesome, many thanks Pascal

Hi Vladimir - here’s a quick fox for AlignGrips - it adds AlignGripsPlane and smaacks the selected grips to a vertical plane from the two input points - is that what you needed?

AlignGrips_04_11_18.rvb (2.8 KB)


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Yup, top view works! It’s exactly what I had in mind, this can save so much time.

Side and front/back don’t work however.

If you could rig side and front/back somehow imagine the potential of this thing…

Yep, sorry - should work everywhere - hang on a bit…

@Vladimir_Aleksic - fixed… just me being a dummy. Oh wait, that part is not fixed.

AlignGrips_04_11_18.rvb (2.8 KB)

@Vladimir_Aleksic - if you feel adventurous, you can have a try at this Python: (10.0 KB)

The easiest way to run this is with

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path the py file inside double-quotes"

This is is a little fancier - the workflow is still under construction but

  • Select a surface. If points are not on, they are turned on and a red and green curve is drawn over two of the edges indicating U and V.

  • Pick a control point and the row in the direction (U or V) is planaraized.

  • There are several plane styles - probably the View one is the ‘coolest’ because you can change the view
    slightly and try again to fine tune.

  • You can change surfaces on the fly (command line option) so if you are working with multiple surfaces trying to get things trued up, this can be handy.

Note, one thing this thing does is it slides the points on the control polygon to meet the plane, it does not slam them as a projection/ by closest points - so for example, if I did it right, planarizing a second row of points from the edge will not change the tangent direction the row already has.


Now it works everywhere but loses other 2 axis coordinates and fully flattens.

(no sorry im retarded)

Its perfect actually

Hi Vladimir - I do not see that in the Plane version… here it seems to do the right thing - pulls the grips to a vertical plane.

Points picked in the lower left (Front) view. Is that what you expect?


Yeah I made a mistake, too tired after work lol.

Pascal, I owe you a beer.

Many thanks for your work.

Great! my grand plan is working.


haha, looking at your posting history here you should never go thirsty again.

But jokes aside this thing is brilliant.


Holy sh%%4$…thing just view dependant planarized in real time in front of my eyes.

theres alot to test here but this is very promising.

Many thanks Pascal

edit note:
*two points option shoots an error

Yep - sorry - fixed, above.



Thank you


One more idea if you have the time>

The 1 axis align I suggested could have one more feature. (preserve distance between points)

As illustrated:

It would be another glorious time saver.