Command Prompt Height

@stevebaer / @dale ,

Is there a way to get/set the Command Prompt Height for Rhino?

I would like to be able to both read and write the current height of the Command Prompt area from code.

I’d also like to react to changes in the windows height, so maybe if the RhinoApp.AppSettingsChanged could be raised whenever the height of the window is adjusted, then I could properly react and place some toast notifications in our application without obscuring the Command Prompt.

Let me know if this is possible.


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@JohnM - is this something you can help with?


There is currently nothing in the SDK that will notify you of command prompt size changes. We would have to wire something up.

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OK, is there anything that I can use to get/set the height from RhinoCommon (or otherwise)?

Does your plug-in use Eto and is it Windows, Mac or cross platform?

@JohnM Our plugin is Windows only. We do not use ETO but we are using WPF.

I do have some logic to try to style some of the ETO controls to match our theme.

I am referencing RhinoWindows nugget package also.

I was hoping I could use some generic Eto functions to locate the command window but there is currently no way to do it reliably since the Command window is a special control and is not part of the panel system. Getting the command control host would require additional SDK functions.

Does this mean it won’t be possible, but will be in a future update? Or is this something that won’t be available until v8? Or will this just not ever be available?

Hi @jstevenson,

I’ve logged your wish:

If this is ever implemented, it will be done sometime during the life of Rhino 8 or later.

– Dale

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