Command output popup request

I’m really enjoying the new popup that occurs when a command has multiple lines of output. This takes care of 99% of the need I had for opening up the Command History panel. I do wish it sometimes stayed on the screen longer, though, especially with the distance command. Would it be possible to leave it up until the cursor moves? Or maybe until the next key press or mouse button click?


Yes great feature - and yes - it needs to stay on the screen longer :smile:


The time this window is visible is meant to be sufficient most of the time. 99% is pretty good.

I’m a little reluctant to leave the window open longer for the odd case when you would like it visible longer. The natural reaction is to wait until the window disappears before continuing (even though that’s not necessary) and so always leaving the window up longer would slow people down.

Instead, you can click anywhere in the status bar in the lower left corner to pop up a command history window. This window disappears as soon as you move the mouse off the window, but I hope this is sufficient for the odd case when you need to see or copy something from command history.

There’s an additional solution in the upcoming WIP release. You can have more sections in the right hand inspector sidebar, so you can add a command history inspector in the right hand sidebar that’s only a few lines tall.