Command entry sequence

Not sure what exactly is happening, but just downloaded the latest WIP for mac, after mainly using 6 on Windows and the regular 5 on the Mac the past few months. When entering a command like ‘Line’, the sequence of modification and unit entry seems wonky. An example sequence for a line that I want to draw perpendicular to another line and also both sides, and also 16" long in each direction. (I use the spacebar almost exclusively for command entry) So here goes: Line, then spacebar to enter into the Line command, then click on the line I am going to be perpendicular to, then B for to modify the command for Both Sides, then spacebar to enter in this command modification for both sides, the line at this point is correctly extending both ways, but then here is where it is wonky, if I then try to enter the units, the B is sill there in the entry box and then the units won’t be recognized when I hit spacebar to enter, because now the entry box says ‘b 16’ instead of just 16.

I am able to get it to work if I put the command modification in immediately after initiating the original Line command, but it shouldn’t be this picky as I sometimes will be making decisions when in the command.



I’ve seen similar spacebar problems with copy as well - for a couple of WIPs… and there are other commands also where spacebar isn’t working as enter.
Would be nice to have those fixed as my fingers are on ‘autopilot’ after so many years of using WinRhino…


I noticed some pretty wonky issues with numerical entry this past week as well. Here is the one I noticed:

RH-52165 Pressing two keys in quick succession deletes or replaces contents of “Get Point”

We did some work in this area to fix this issue, so I’ll be curious to hear how things go after next RhinoWIP. I’ll check back in here after it is out.

We fixed some issues with command-prompt entry in the latest RhinoWIP. Any better?

These problems seems to be fixed now. Great! :+1:


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