Command Bar Issues on Mac

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I am having a hard time understanding what you’re saying here. Can you please post a short video showing your experience?

Ah, I think I see what you’re talking about here:

Is this what you meant? Is there more?

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it very much looks like it yes. thanks!

Hello, I can imagine that in the developer’s eyes, the command bar may seem old fashion and not important. like AutoCAD 20 years ago but I still find it the fastest way of using rhino. I think the command bar is also important for many Rhino users.

Please, please make it right.
Big long search bar window. It used to look cool in an older version of Rhino for Mac; a glass window that follows the mouse.
Integration of natural language would be cool too. I.e. “rhino make a box of a xxx size with two holes in the center…”

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We have no intention of making the command bar go away. We always want Rhino to be fast to use via keyboard. And yes, we hope to make it even better in the future, though there are no plans on doing that for Rhino 8.

Please reevaluate that stance. There are numerous posts here that wish for a classic horizontal command bar with a attached history (like windows)
Any pro user is relying on Aliases and not Icons.
We now have to live for the next 4+ years with 10-20 percent of or screen real-estate wasted by a vertical command bar with useless icons below it.

This whole concept is cooked up without any regard for UI conventions that are more or less universal across most software i ever encountered. No point in reinventing the wheel, especially when the result is worse