Command Advisor plugin

Continuing the discussion from Script idea: deep explode:

This is might be a good example of discover-ability issues with more exotic commands.

In this case _Explode does work on Blocks so there is no incentive to find other tools.
However the user remains ignorant of the extended functionality of _ExplodeBlock.

How feasable would a plugin be (that can be switched on-off) that overlays in a not so intrusive way information about the command just used:

The plugin would eavesdrop on all activity and filters specific cases out:

One such case would be the _Explode command being run on blocks.
In an overlay adhered to the mouse cursor the command _ExplodeBlocks would be shown, as well as other related commands like _ExtractSrf. ( the overlay would fade in and out after x ms delay)

The rules would be setup like this:

  command   |   condition              |      overlay tips (localized)
 _Explode       Blocks are Exploded          _ExplodeBlocks
 _Explode       *                            _ExtractSrf
 _Rebuild       Surface is Rebuild           _RebuildUV    
 _PointsOn      PolySurface is Selected      _SolidPtOn
 _Untrim        *                            _DeleteHole
 _Untrim        *                            _UntrimAll
 _Untrim        *                            _RemoveEdge

I think we’ll get the gist of it.

A toolbar button ( command) or key-combo (alias) would ‘freeze’ or recall the popup, yet now as a clickable list of texts, linking to the help topic of the command that is tipped about.

To prevent this from becoming annoying and increase efficiency, the plugin would learn what the user already knows and leave known commands out of the tips:

The plugin keeps track of occurrences in reverse. So whenever the _ExplodeBlock command is used (with significant time interval) all rules on tipping about _ExplodeBlock would get a tick added.
Once the number of ticks get over a certain threshold, _ExplodeBlock would be discarded as a command that needs tipping about. So over time the occurence of popups would be less and less, however rare command (combinations) would still pop-up from time to time.