Please expose test commands this is wip

Please expose test commands this is wip so let us test what you guys got, eh instead of hiding it and revealing it only as a last ditch effort. Don’t you want us to test these commands now I see a few things like sectionplane and testsphericalpatch which I would never know of or try unless I perused this forum and I see now one of these nice prototypes is two years old, this is a wip come out from behind the curtain and at least expose the most used test commands.

There are SOoooo many test commands, and the reason they stay obfuscated is, well, they are just test commands. They may not be reliable, they may crash, they may damage your file, they may be of very limited scope to test things out. The amount of confusion, or requests for support they may cause if all exposed could also be tremendous (“TestMooCow camera controls are really weird if viewports have different CPlanes, please fix” is probably something they are not interesting in hearing)

I do wish they had separate decorations for the commands they want to throw over the wall for feedback and testing which would autocomplete but also let the user know it is a WIP command, and something else for their internal “I made this command to test crash everything” type stuff.


So what if they crash it’s a wip a testing board. I say Sam we’re big boys now and can handle it. I think the reason they don’t want us to use this stuff is because they might want to develop it for latter builds and not give them to us but that’s getting old I say bring all your commands to the table lets see if they’re useful quit hiding.

Hi Roland - it is not going to happen - crashing and bad things for the user apart, we don’t want to hear feedback or answer questions about test commands.