Wish: ExplodeBlock command additional feature


In the ExplodeBlock command it would be very helpful to have ability for the objects with ByParent property within blocks to retain the Parent’s properties after explosion, as an option. That would need to work with nested blocks as well, just like ExplodeBlock command does. Hope you can consider this addition.

Thank you,


Hi Jarek - got that, thanks.




You might be able to modify the following to do what you want.


– Dale

Thanks @Pascal.
@Dale - I actually written a very similar recursive exploder before seeing your sample - it does check for ByParent properties in exploded objects and if True, then copies these properties from the pre-exploded parent block.
The problem is it is painfully slow on larger scenes that I mainly deal with - Imported SKP files come with tons of blocks with nested sub-block and lots of byParent materials so as soon as I use ExplodeBlocks command, most materials are lost and the script takes foverer to complete. I was hoping the native command could make it work faster.

thanks again-