Coming from Vectorworks


I am usually a Vectorworks 2D user and am missing some of the features in Rhino.

I’ve allready found the command “BoxEdit” which is nice but I am having trouble changing the size after applying the rotation. As you can see in the picture it changes the size according to the world X and not the Object rotation. Is there any way to do that? I find it very handy to just change the numbers rather than clicking on the edge and moving it.

Second question is about hatches which aren’t drawn seperatly in VWX but within the drawn polyline.

It always stays together and when I change the polyline, the hatch automaticaly changes with it.
As you can see on the left side I can change the color by clicking on filling colour on the left side and also set the print width of the outline. If I want to combine two polylines I just draw another one over the first one and combine them. Which is kind of like a boolean union for polylines.
You can also trim them with the overlaying polyline etc which is the essential workflow for 2D VWX.

Is this somehow possible in Rhino or do I always have to draw the empty polyline, trim the overlapping lines and then fill them with a hatch?
Knowing how to get the outline of two or more overlapping polylines would help me allot so I dont have to trim every single line within them.

It may sound a bit like a rant which it is not, because I really do like working with Rhino but allways hatching a newly drawn polyline is just a lot of work.

Thank you very much and have a great week,


For your first question, I would look into Scale1D, Scale2D and its various uses. Might be something you can use. There are also ways of changing the cplane if you want to stick with the BoxEdit way.

Second question: look into curve boolean and the history tool.

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Thanks Jacob,

curve boolean is already helping me alot already!
The only real thing I am missing is tie up the hatch to the polyline.

Glad to help! For your last question, try using the Record History tool:

Once that’s on, create your curveboolean curve and hatch. The hatch will auto-update everytime you change the curve.

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Oh I see! This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again :blush:

To everyone having the same issue, here is a little work around.

You can use this makro:

!_curveboolean d a a _enter _hatch

Bind it to the “CTRL + K” shortcut in the options.

It will work more or less exatly like VWX if you activate the “Record History” as Jacub sugested.