Combining objects so that their edges are smoothed out

Hi everyone,

I am trying to combine a cube object with a cylinder object,

while having their edges smoothed out.

It’s rather hard to describe, so please check out the images below.

This seems like a rather simple task (maybe blend?), but I can’t seem to figure out how.

Thanks in advance!

  1. Draw flat curves (circle and rectiangle) describing the cross-section.
  2. Use CurveBoolean command to join the curves.
  3. Use Symmetry command to speed up editing the curves.
  4. Turn on the control points by selecting the curve and pressing F10 key.
  5. Now you have to decide whether you have optimal number of control points.
  6. Rebuild and RebuildCrvNonUniform commands are best for changing total number of control points and degree. (Count number of the so called bends in the final curve, set degree to bends+1, set number of control points to degree+1. Straight line has 0 bends. Circle has one bend. Sinusoid has two bends for its argument extending from 0 to full circle.)
  7. Use gumball widget to manipulate the control points. When the curve looks good, turn off the control points by pressing the F11 key.
  8. Use ExtrudeCrv command with Solid option to make final solid.