Clean round extruded object?


First post here! Just switched from Sketchup to Rhino.

Checked some tutorials and tailored interface and shortcuts to my liking.

I have one problem.

When I make a rectangular, extrude it to solid, and later extrude it again with Gumball I can clean the surface with command “MergeAllFaces”.

Same command cannot be done to the round objects after extruding in the exact same way. What is the right command to clean the tube?

Test.3dm (657.6 KB)

That command is actually called ‘MergeAllCoplanarFaces’

You can use scale tools or the gumball to scale the cylinder.

You can use the xmerge plugin for this. In fact it’s not a compiled plugin but a collection of python scripts. Look for xmerge on food4rhino

This is a new tool in Rhino7?

You can Ctrl+Shift select the top of the cylinder and move it using commands or gumball and you won’t be getting those splits.

Looks like MergeAllFaces in R6 has been renamed to MergeAllCoplanarFaces, but the alias still works.

I’m not sure whether this command is completely new or updated. I assume it was renamed from ‘MergeAllFaces’ to ‘MergeAllCoplanarFaces’ because that’s exactly what it does.