Edges of objects

Hello, what I would not use the tool for smoothing of edges – I see edges which do not merge with an object in any way, and are even allocated.

Other tools do similarly.

Because these are not for smoothing edges, they are for filleting!
Fillets have a circular cross-section and they are tangent to the surfaces.
If you want a smoother connection, you have to create a curvature continuous surface. As an example, use the command BlendEdge instead of FilletEdge.

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What should I do if I just want to smooth the edges of the cube? BlendEdge, if I am not mistaken - creates edges, not smoothed.

BlendEdge creates a surface and like all surfaces that has edges. The transition accross the edge is smooth, though. Then again, the transistion accross the edge of a fillet is also “smooth” - but only tangent whereas it is curvature continuous in the case of a blend. What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Let’s assume I have a cube which has keen edges. I need to smooth edges so that it wasn’t noticeable.

You’ll need to define “noticeable”.

Shan’t be as on my screenshots above. Edges white also don’t merge with a basis.

Access to your images is blocked from where I’m sitting…
It sounds like this is a visual thing only. If you change your display mode to rendered, does that solve things? In the RH6 WIP you can also change your display mode to not render tangent edges while rendering sharp edges. You could give that a try.

The problem is solved! Thanks!