Combine multiple lists into a single sifting pattern


I have a main source list of planes.

I need to make a series of similar operations to some of them and, in order to replace the modified planes with the original ones in the mother list, I would need to use a sifting pattern.

How can I combine a multiple True/False lists into a single one that keeps just the “True” values on its correspondant index position?

The aim is to be able to compose a single list that combines modified and unmodified plans.

If it might be of use, hereby a compact .gh file in question.

Thank you in advance!

combining sifting (21.4 KB)

“just the true values” not sure how to interpret this but:

you can combine two lists with “AND” or with “OR” or with “XOR”

(0 = false, 1 = true) this is just a logic gate table, nothing grasshopper specific:


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Thank you very much, Tom,

This is exactly what I needed. For a certain reason, I was trying to use GH specific tools while the answer was just a logic gate to manage the list!