Colums - point of beginning and end

Hi guys,

I´ve been suffering to parametrize the beginning and the end of those columns, since they will have different heights. I need them to be following the grid on the surface below, but so far, Ive only been able to do this by setting the closest point, and them manually adjust the height of it.

I feel like what I am doing is a very stupid solution and a waste of time but so far nothing that I tried worked.

Does anyone know how I can solve this?

I´m attaching the gh file in case it sounds confusing
colums on (54.1 KB)


maybe try projecting your points along the +z axis onto your wavy surface.
I am making assumptions here. But then using the distance component you can figure out the length of each post. From start to projected point… That being said since your post is forked there will be some areas where only one or even no ends of the posts are touching the surface. :slightly_smiling_face:

colums on (48.9 KB)

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