Points along wave don't align at end/start

Hello everyone,

Can anyone tell me why my points don’t align (start to end)? I have lines projected in the Z axis along a closed curve. Point on curve and adjusted the points to give a wave pattern. The wave works, just the end doesn’t align with the start so I get a large gap from point 0 to 190 say.?

Image of what I mean is below along with the gh file.

Thanks if someone knows why and can help! :slight_smile:

Help.gh (75.2 KB)


And it looks like you forgot to internalize a curve param? (or is that due to the missing Relay component in R5?)

I was able to replace the missing R6 Evaluate Surface with R5 version, even though your screen shot doesn’t appear to match your GH model?

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Thanks for you’re reply. The frustration in myself that I didn’t internalize the data!. Really sorry about that. here’s the .gh file with the curve internalized.

-MichaelFOTF 10.gh (66.7 KB)

The trick is to make the graph curve start and end at the same place on y - axis.
Also, the part of your script in the pink group seemed unnecessarily complicated to me. So I simplified that part and put it in the red group just below.

FOTF 10.gh (70.9 KB)

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Thank you! I knew it had something to do with the start and end of the curve, just couldn’t figure it out!

Really appreciate it… :slight_smile: You too @Joseph_Oster, thanks for your help.