Colour Picker

I cannot figure out the Grasshopper Colour Picker interface as it appears when I set the color of a Group. I understand how to adjust the color settings, but cannot change or add to the Swatches. Also, the Eyedropper doesn’t seem to work outside the bounds of the Colour Picker panel. I made four Grasshopper Colour Swatches, each a different color, but I can’t get the eyedropper to slurp up their colors.

Am I missing something obvious?

I’m using Rhino Version 7 (7.12.21313.06342, 2021-11-09), current Grasshopper , MacOS Big Sur 11.6.1.

Sorry tor the mixed use of Color and Colour. I’m trying to respect that extra Grasshopper U.

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I have the same issue. Latest version, (7.33.23248.13002, 2023-09-05).

Try holding the mouse button down on the color picker as you move it around the canvas.