Image to colored mesh

I am trying to convert an image to a colored mesh so that I can use ImageCircles (kangaroo) in Grasshopper. I can apply a material to a mesh, but that does not seem to transfer any color data to the vertices. Is there a way to apply an image’s color to each vertex in Rhino? Or am I going to have to do image sampling in grasshopper?

Use the Import Image component (Params > Input). It will bring the image in as a colored mesh.

Thanks man.

I am getting a small error. I have the image imported into rhino via the picture command as a surface (so I have something to reference). When I use that surface as the rectangle input of the import image component, the resultant mesh is generated with the color data rotated 90°. It is as if the conversion of my surface to a rectangle is somehow rotated. I am working in plan, and have checked the UV of my surface and they are aligned with the X and Y axes.

I would say to just trace the surface with a rectangle oriented in the correct way and use that rectangle for the component (the corner you start and finish the rectangle from will matter in the mesh color orientation, may take you a try or two to get the rectangle correct). I wouldn’t trust the orientation of Grasshopper auto casting from surface to rectangle.

This little cluster creates a colored mesh from a picture (base srf):