Proximity 3D analysis between two surfaces (mesh)

I have two mesh surfaces and I want to display color map of the distances between the two surfaces (red to blue).
Any suggestion to do so in grasshopper?
I tried to use Proximity 3D, but it results in all connected lines displayed.
But I am stuck on the following questions.

How I can make these proximity (distances) as color map on to one surface?
How to find the closest point to be displayed as a point on the surface?
How to increase or decrease the density of the points on each surface (mesh)?

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Something like this? (17.8 KB)

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hahaha Kim, you beat me to it! (14.6 KB)

It worked as I wanted exactly. One more add-on. How to show the gradient legends (color and value)? I want to place the bar legend right next to the mesh. Possibly, also, capture the view (perpendicular view) and save as an image file as well (tiff or jpg).

Thank you so much, Kim.

I just noticed that the closest point location, distance value, and the point representation as a small sphere are not in your solution.
Could you add this feature as well in your gh file?

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Check this out… (22.6 KB)


great solution. Thanks, Kim. I want to add a feature that visually show the location that has the closest as a small sphere on the 3D coordinates and the distance. I looked up, but it is difficult for me to figure out how to find the coordinates and the distance value in order to create a sphere on that coordinates with the text of distance value.
Would you be able to help on this as well?


I don’t understand what are you going to do…

Something like that ?

You must learn a bit more, why not trying some tutorial

or reading that ?

yes, what components did you add? Can you post your gh file?

You have 5 components to find, is it that difficult ?
Double click on grasshopper canvas, type the name you will have a proposition of components.


Wow… you know sometimes it can be so hard for a novice user to figure out a single button or function. I guess you don’t understand this kind of difficulty, maybe because you are such a genius and knows everything from the beginning.
Yes. I have spent about an hour to find out the stupid “text dot” component and still cannot find it in my grasshopper. At least it does not exist in my version of grasshopper, or I am not ‘intelligent’ enough to find it. If you don’t want to share your great knowledge to other people who want to learn, then it is fine, but please don’t just show off.

Hey, dude…
I think @laurent_delrieu already provided almost everything you need. There may be components you can’t find. Sometimes it is a plugin, not a native GH component.
In that case, you can browse the plugin or replace it with something else.
And before you start asking the next question, please read bellow first and upload the file you are working on. (30.2 KB)

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I understand your frustration, my fault for text dot.
I learned by myself grasshopper trying to resolve problems. What I learn is that I learn by doing, searching, exploring. using google is also a good way of finding solutions images …
Good luck.

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Thank you for both Laurent and Kim, I looked and tried Tag, label, etc
before I asked. There are plethora of materials and tutorials. I also watch
and look for Youtube and Vimeo channels It takes long time to learn new
stuff. Your help substantially accelerated my learning time of grasshopper.
Thank you again.

take It easy man . Life is too short to get upset at a computer. you will get most of it soon. just keep at it.