Color properties tab color


In rhino 32 bit I got the properties etc tabs white. For some reason in 64 bit its brown / gray:

I’ve changed Layout Settings Background to white but its not changing… Is this a bug or am I changing the wrong settings?

Hi Jordy- I think you want Window Color 3


Hi @pascal

there is no color like it is now:

Hi Jordy- Window Color 3 affects the tabbed panel (Properties, Layers etc.) tab color- maybe I misunderstood…


No problem. I mean this color:

on my 32 bit version its white:

Oi. I don’t know. I’ll find out. There once was test command, early in V5, pre- release, which may or may not have been removed, that had some more detailed color settings. It could be in there, though I don’t know why it would have been set. Here, 32 and 64 are the same…