Color Management: no custom list?


Is there a way to create a custom colour list? There’s a tab when you change colours but it doesn’t seem to work?

I think it’s only possible in Windows Rhino currently… Maybe I’m wrong about that though.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s what I was afraid of ; ) It would be very useful to be able to create custom palettes. It would save time when colouring.

On Windows, when you change the tint of a colour created in a custom palette, does the colour of objects with that colour also change? Is it linked? That would be great.

I’m now not sure if you are referring to the left-hand list - which is fixed but can be changed by modifying the colors.txt file in Windows Rhino and restarting Rhino - or the list of custom colors at the bottom of the window which is populated as you make new color choices. That one is available on Mac…

(This is Windows but Mac is similar…)

No, once the color is applied, objects (or layers) are not history-related to a stored color swatch or setting.

The left-hand list is the right one.

In fact, I’m looking to create a list of specific colours for each project that could be exported, etc…

For example, when you have hundreds of hatches, it’s useful to create named custom colours such as wood, steel, glass, etc… And once you change them, they also change in the file if they are used.
Other software works like this and it’s very practical. But I’d like to make do with Rhino alone. It’s also a fairly basic function. At least the list, the link perhaps less so.