Custom Color List

i am trying to set up lists of colors for instance for lights, just like the material metal has when you select the color predefined to for instance gold, platinum etc. how can i make such a list? preferably make a bunch and save them with different names?

currently when i open custom color list i have a mess out of every single available color showing.

Hello- for lights, I made this thing some time ago that might or might not help - the light colors are not mine, the user provided the colors as I recall. (10.0 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"


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hi Pascal thanks, that is actually helpful, i have to bind that in. but back to the list, just generally i would like to set up lists, like RAL colors maybe Pantone etc. but also for lights, is there any way that can be done? how was it done with the metal material in Rhino for Mac? there the list solely for metals pops up. but when i call up the custom color list in a color box when adding any other material it shows me all available colors in an unsorted manner, is there any way to hack that in some list?

Hello - the UI in materials is provided by the RDK to simplify some materials - there is no equivalent for just the color picker. You can organize the colors.txt on Windows but I don’t think that system is used on Mac.


where would i find that? i already had looked for a document of that sort under content packages of the app, but i was not patient enough

Hello- I checked, and Rhino for Mac does not use that list I’m afraid. It looks like you are out of luck.


sorry to be further persistent about this matter, is there anybody who might know about any option to collect these? could that be made a wish?

as described if i select metal and click on the color i get a nicely sorted list for metals…

how was this done?

Hello- as far as I mnow this is specific to the RDK and material interface.