Color grading based on one point

Hello, I am new to grasshopper and i want to create a sort of heatmap based on 3 points.
Basically this image below but it will have 3 points


Where is your grid and points?

Here is the model, basically i want the points 14, 10 and 25 to be the main points. I tried doing this in grasshopper to take the elevation as a sort of griding but i am at a lost

You are expecting everyone to create the point grid and three random points from scratch.
Give us a break :exclamation: Looks like your grid of points doesn’t have enough points?

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

Elevation! A new element to the puzzle?

Thank you! I made a small change to add a surface instead of a rectangle and added an index to change the grading. Right now I have just one point and want to have 3 separate points each with a different index. I know I could select multipoint but then it would only have one index for the 3 points. How could I do it?

I’ve already answered your question. Consider following forum guidelines by posting a file next time.