New to Grasshopper, asking for some help

Hello, I am new to grasshopper and i have a problem.
I want to make a line with, lets say 10 points (x1-x2-x3-x4…x9-10).
But the problem is i want x2=x12, x3=x22 … x10=x9*2
Hope you can follow my thought, thanks for your time.
This is for my university project. Hope you can help me out.

Hi, welcome to the group.
Can you sketch what you mean and the connections or lines you hope to make? It is not very clear from your description.

Hello and thanks for the quick reply.

What im willing to make is something like this ......______.

Like one line with points. Lets name the points for example x1,x2,x3,x4,x5

x1=1cm (for example)





Everything above is an example just to help you understand what i mean.

This is an image of some work i did. You see the distance between the points is the same. I want the distance between the points NOT the same. I want a factor which will make the distance between points different as on the example.

Sorry for this, i can not really explain it very well but im glad you sent me a message.

Thanks a lot for your help.

K Sideris.

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Στις Τετ, 22 Μαΐ 2019 στις 9:38 μ.μ., ο/η Rajaa Issa via McNeel Forum έγραψε:

Sorry for double posting, here is an accurate example of what im looking to create.
Finally found it.