Color back face in V6

is it possible to select in option mode a new type of backface color.
to have the back side with the same color as the front, but with a slight difference in hue, with a% reduction in color, or darker…

Currently no. You can have backfaces be a totally unique color or material, but you cannot have them be like the front, but slightly modified.


Hello - as Sam says, no, but I understand, I think, what you’re asking for, it makes sense, and my guess is this is not difficult- I’ll add a wish list item.



I think back to the mode with transparency, there is a slight difference between the front and the back of the surface, so I think it is easily achievable.

in fact, there is a solution in the display properties of back faces,we can choose “to use the color of the object” and in the brightness
parameters we can put a positive value … it would be necessary
to provide put a negative value.