Collision problem for a bundle of pipes

Hi guys,

sorry for my bothering questions. But, I stuck in grasshopper recently. My question is about collusion between a bundle of pipes. Actually, I have an algorithm to distribute rail curves for pipes and there is no collision there. But, when I make a sweep surface from two rail curves and one section curve. I have a collision between pipes. How can I change flow path of pipes automatically in order to get no collision between pipes? I would be appreciate for any ideas.

Thank you in advance!
collision problem.3dm (288.6 KB)
collision (60.0 KB)

This might get you a little closer… maybe you need some other goals. Some collisions remain, maybe @DanielPiker can help. Input curves are internalised now.

The part where I’m replacing the circular section at the top causes some issues which I’m unable to resolve right now.

collision (198.3 KB)

I need actually the first section also. But, I simplify this section. So, I decreased the number of pipes. But, still I have some collisions and I don’t really understand, why I have them. Please look at attached files.

collision problem.3dm (191.2 KB)
collision (18.1 KB)

I think in your situation the easiest way would be to edit control points of the rail curve.

The tree structure in the file you posted above again has some issues.

collision problem (1).gh (25.8 KB)

The collision component shows you which parts collide.

I realized that my problem is always in the beginning of the changing rail curve geometry from helix to line. Than I took the related points and listed them. My question is, how I can remap this points in order to have enough distance between them?

Why don’t you just drag the control points of the rails in Rhino?

because it has to be parametric. The inputs would be changed afterwards

Then you will have to refine the Kangaroo optimization goals.

can you open it a little bit? I am new in grasshopper and have actually no experience with kangaroo. If you have any sample, I would be pleasure.

Sorry not right now, maybe later tonight.

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The attached definition can be used to create a collision free model. The deviation is quite big and might be reduced by fine-tuning the goals and strength values…

collision (203.7 KB)