Multiple pipe collide with mesh, solid collide problem

I am trying to set a mesh to collide with some pipes, it doesn’t seem to work at all. What am I missing?

kunz 4.3dm (6.4 MB) (34.2 KB)

WHOA!!! Why use Kangaroo for this? It almost freezes Rhino/GH. I recommend that people ‘Lock Solver’ before opening this GH file.

Why are you using a mesh? Looks easy if you work with breps first, then if a mesh is necessary, convert to mesh when done.

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I didnt understand your suggestion, how can I get this drape without kangaroo?

I am trying to get this shell done.

OK, that’s the real question eh? I don’t know but freezing Rhino/GH can’t be the answer. I would guess you want the “pipes” (or their base lines) to be part of the mesh input to Kangaroo, not after the fact?

Sorry for the freezing issue! I want the pipes to collide and support the mesh from falling.

What am I missing here?

Kangaroo is amazing. I haven’t learned much about it though because my typical GH work doesn’t require it. I would search for examples, like this one:

Click ‘Download’ or the ‘View raw’ link to see something relevant by @DanielPiker

Take a look at the attachment… (24.7 KB)


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