Coffe-glass Leather sleve. DIY step by step, started in Rhino

Here’s a bit of inspiration for the sunday:

I started off measuring the glass and built a truncated cylinder in Rhino. Then trimmed it down to the right height. Unrolled it and printed it 1:1 then cut it out in leather and stiched it together.

I was satisfied with the first build, but wanted to fine tune it a bit regarding dimensions and how tight the sawing could be. so I adjusted the 2D accordingly, reprinted and made a second version.



Very nice! what is that gel/grease you used? And what for? To hold the shape? Get elasticity? Next version needs to have your marking, either laser or pressed in :slight_smile:

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Let me guess - to make the sewing thread glide better without cutting the leather(?).

// Rolf

Thanks! A logo for both pressing and heat marking will be designed and ordered in 3D printed steel soon :slight_smile:

It’s a combination of white vaseline, pine needle tar, turpentine and eucalyptus oil to keep impregnate the skin and to keep it soft. Coffee leaves some dark stains if it is allowed to penetrate the skin.

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Rolf gave me a kind of dirty answer and I resisted. Said nothing…

Now you took it over the top :joy:

A good trick here is impregnating the back/raw side of the leather with silicone before pressing the logo. And then let it cure while being pressed. This will retain the depth and will prevent resetting/softening overtime.


Ops, although I wasn’t using my native language here, in more than one sense… it’s all in the mind of the beholder. :slight_smile:

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Very cool, Holo. Nice to see such a device from vision to reality. And useful; mind if I use your inspiration to cool my hands in the morning?? Cheers, Rob

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Nothing would make me happier Robb, this is all about inspiring!

Indeed, yet like they say 'a dirty mind is a joy forever’
And @gustojunk in the end could no longer resist and did indirectly say something :wink:

Nice work @Holo, thanks for sharing. At the first picture I was thinking ‘wow Jørgen is doing some pretty rendering nowadays’.


Yeah, I thought so too :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s a new, ubiased engine called RealLife™… :wink:


… and this is where my initials comes handy in: RILLife™. :slight_smile:

// Rolf


Very good example of CAD to REAL …

By the way, if you want tight fit around an object with leather, you should wet it before sew it. It works for knives, think of scandinavian ones for example.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

My coworker right next to me has a coffee sleeve she’s apparently done the same way–through Rhino. Her words: “How the heck else would you do it?”. Fun example of daily use of CAD


Oh you have a cool co-worker!!! Lucky you! :smiley:

with a HOT coffee :sunglasses:

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Same here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, well, truth is it’s faster to build it and shoot it than to render it :wink: