Can I design a leather wallet in 3D with all working parts of wallet can view in 3D with real leather effect

I just downloaded rihno 3D with 90 days trial … I want to know can I design leather wallet … in 3D … with all part…


But I can’t see the leather effect… can I help me…

well you can usually create your own texture and implement it. it depends sure on which renderer you use, but there are also free render applications which can help you there so that should not be a big problem. modeling should be also not a big issue since a wallet is not super organic so easily achievable with nurbs.

Hi Swarup,

Take a look at this:

Also, the leather effect you want will be as a texture. Have a look here:

Do a google search for ‘leather texture seamless’

Good luck!


Can you please show me a simple wallet design where is azipper and can fold the wallet…

hey there, to put a zipper up is the least problem, you simply draw the curves of a zipper on a straight line extrude them and use Flow on your zipper curve which follows the path you want. you also can fold your wallet with this method later on. also check out what FlowAlongSrf does. usually i dont mind doing one together with you but today is tight, got to finish something urgently. i can help you through the process but maybe make a start first. have you got a ready concept some sketches for example?

No not yet… , but but if you so some template … it will be great help for… Me… thank you

did you use rhino before or are you a complete starter? maybe make yourself thoughts how it shall look like, a complete battleship like approach is also not ideal, since it might end up completely individual how to approach it and will also take a bit time.

how about something like that?

Yeah sure… please show me in rihno 3D…

Complete starter…

I think the zipper wallet leather hunter… please show me how to make this using rihno… It will be a great help to me…

Hi Swarup - that is actually not a trivial thing to make, for a beginner - I would not depend, at this stage, on someone making a complete lesson that shows the thing you happen to want to make, that is asking quite a lot. Instead, I’d concentrate on learning to use Rhino - there is plenty of material available - then you can make whatever you want.


Actually ,. I just want to know is it really possible if I see with my eyes and… so I will proceed with rihno 3D , will buy the full licence key… … at my place there is no class available with Rihno 3D . Everything I have to do myself… I will give time… to. Rihno… For that asked… I know a beginner can not do it… … so if I give examples so… I will be more interested… … so I am requesting you to show … Thank you for giving time… I hope you will help send me some video link or template…

commercial lessons are being offered all over the world, learning a software is for those who are urged a pricy challenge. thankfully its also being taught in many universities, even in my city such as where i study and even at other universities here, its becoming pretty popular i must say… but its always dynamic of course.

there are many tutorials out there which would give you an idea of how to work with rhino and if you conclude a few ideas together you very quickly know what you need. there are many helpful people here who can guide you, but asking for a ready made template is a bit much. if its something very small people are often motivated to give a quick tutorial. not saying that your purse may be complicated but it involves some time.

it also takes some time to learn a software and deciding on whether you manage to model a purse in an application should maybe also not be the most important criteria. its good to look at a software before you buy it but if you dont know at all what you are looking at then maybe browse a little more.

we can reach you a hand, but we cant kick you through the door :smiley:

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