Sneak Peak of a different kind of project

A product designers tasks comes in many shapes :smile:

I am working on a “Wedding Cake Toppers” for a client, that is going to be used in a campaign, and this is a sneak peak of the result:

The model will be 3D printed in glazed ceramics and the workflow was as follows:

Pose figurines in Poser, export to Rhino.

  • Make dress, flowers, bowtie etc in Rhino.
  • Modify all meshes and make them watertight in Rhino.
  • The dress details are curves “flow along surface” to dress then curvepiped, then extracted mesh.
  • Export all to Z-brush
  • Make unified skin in Z-brush, brush up and smooth skin.
  • Reduce mesh in Z-brush and export to Rhino
  • Fine tune pose (bend for better balance)
  • Export to OBJ for 3D print.
  • Upload and order 3D print online. Takes 15 - 20 days
  • Render from front, export to Photoshop, make color map
  • Apply mapping and set up scene in Rhino and render with Neon.
  • Evaluate color proposals


  • 3D CNC a dummy for customer evaluation while we wait.
  • Recieve model and paint


Nice :smiley:


Amazing! Wedding cake topping :nothing can stop a good Rhino user :smiley:

Cool! You sure about the ceramics? During my wedding the topping fell from the cake during prep and resulted in decapitation of the groom :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Thanks guys!
Yeah I wanted to try the ceramics print, and the glazing will give a nice finish, and it’s a prop for a photo shoot, so no bad omen if it breaks :wink:

Will marvellous designer do some help in your workflow ?

I am sorry, but I was not able to understand your question.
What did you mean?

I think asdfsjal is referriong to this software:
Dedicated to virtual 3D clothing.


I just think Marvellous Designer can do dress related works more quickly and handy,I want to know in some case like your posted whether it can save a lot of time.thanks.

Ah, yes, when “Marvelous Designer” refers to a software it all makes sense! Thanks.

I have not tried “MD” but I looked into it two years ago, it would not have helped me much in this project, as I needed solids for 3D printing, but thanks for asking! I am sure it would work out very well if I needed more details!

You can buy an inexpensive 3d printer that will print your topper in sugar!

This one is not so cheap, but I have seen lower rez units for less.

Yeah, I’m just waiting for the day when I get served a 3D printed pizza at my local pizzeria…

Cool idea! :smile:

Chickan Good!

I don’t know about Poser/Content Paradise figures, but Daz licensing explicity prohibits any 3d printed or CNC machined reproduction of their geometry, including any derivative works. Daz had indicated that they would introduce licensing for allowing for 3d reproduction but I have not seen anything recently to indicate this.

I have not even thought about that since the programs are for making and altering figures for art, and I didn’t think that a 2D print or a 3D print would make any difference. So thanks for bringing that up!