Code Request: Create Cage, select points

Hi All

Is there any demo/sample code of how to create a cage over an object (by code), then select individual points in that cage to manipulate? (not using command line get)

My search is coming up empty.

Many thanks CB

Hi @ChristopherBotha,

A C++ sample is the best we can do.

We are still working to add Cage support to RhinoCommon.

– Dale

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thanks. any simple tutorials anywhere on how to wrap just that one cpp call to c#.

im trying to create a “flowable” cage. create the object, cage it, then flow the object, and also flow copies of the cage points, hide original object and have the flowed points update the original cage points and reflow if changed.

its been remarkably difficult to get my head around this one… must be getting old…

Hi @ChristopherBotha,

Take away the ON_MorphControl object creation code and the rest is pretty easy to digest.

We hope to have this stuff wired up for RhinoCommon in Rhino 6.

– Dale