Modeling a Cage


I have a question.
Is it possible to model a cage or control?

I need the control cage to have points only in the domain of the object.

I was able to use the surface as a control.

HI @cristiano.pasini,

I am not sure I understand the question. Would you mind clarifying what you are trying to do and why? Can you do what you are asking with just Rhino?

– Dale

Hi Dale

I intend to manipulate the models in the same way that TSpline works.
I have molds of cast soles that I need to adapt to create other parts of the mold.
It is a consensus among mold designers that the use of the cage command is the most appropriate for this.
Is there any code in Python or C # to create a cage via code?

Hi @cristiano.pasini,

I have not found any sample Python or C# code. But there is this C++ sample:

Perhaps it can be ported to one of the above languages.

– Dale


I need to create a Control Morf, specific for each model. Another way I can do it is to edit an existing Control Morf. The problem is that it retains the deformation properties. How can I reset the transform matrix of this Control Morf?

You can always script either the Cage or the CageEdit commands.

A Cage, or morph control, does not maintain a transform. If you want your cage “reset”, then just delete it and make a new one.

– Dale

Is it possible to create a cage different from the traditional format (cube)?
Is the cage a mathematical representation? Like a 3D matrix?

I would like to manipulate the model in the same way that TSpline works.

Without subdividing surfaces

@cristiano.pasini - Did you know that Rhino 7 includes SubD modeling?

– Dale